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Massage is one of the many complimentary therapies available nowadays providing outstanding long term and short term benefits to you as a person.  Whether you are looking to reduce stress levels, improve sleep quality, loosen stiff joints or relieve muscle tension as a bonus there will naturally be other areas improved upon when visiting Innova therapies that you didn't even know needed improvement.


Below is a short list of the physiological and psychological benefits of massage therapy.  However the list is endless and new benefits are being discovered every day by massage therapists as they meet new clients. 



Physiological Benefits


Reduces localised pain particularly in joints and muscles


Encourages better circulation


Encourages deeper and more efficient breathing 


Relieves muscle fatigue


Relieves tired and stiff joints


Promotes relaxation


Sedates or stimulates the nerves (depending on the type of massage)


encourages sleep


boosts immunity


Balances the digestive system (improving IBS)


improves skin colour and tone


improves muscle suppleness


lowers high blood pressure







Psychological Benefits


Relaxes the body therefore reducing tension and the effects of stress


relaxes the mind and reduces anxiety.


soothes and comforts


lifts emotions and increases positive feelings


increases energy by inviorating all of the bodies systems and reducing fatigue.


improves self esteem


Improves overall relaxation by removing stress, tension and anxiety which put extra strain on all of the bodies systems.







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